Our expertise regarding current tax law and our dedication to customer service will be invaluable assets in your endeavor to resolve your tax issue with the IRS or State taxing agency.

Our goal is but one, to settle your case in your best interest and to negotiate the lowest possible settlement acceptable by the taxing agency. When you begin working with our firm, your case is automatically assigned to a qualified tax professional with strong experience and will begin the resolution process immediately. Once we have begun, all communications between the IRS and you, the taxpayer, will be sent directly to us. We become your voice and your advocate. The Government has trained professionals pursuing you, you should have trained professionals representing you. With J.A.G. Tax Management Inc on your side, you are in good hands.


Your federal and state tax problems can be solved. You never need to talk to the IRS or State Agencies. With your permission we can require them to deal only with us as your professional representative. J.A.G. TAX MANAGEMENT INC is a Nationwide firm; we are licensed to represent you on all matters with the Internal Revenue Service and all State Agencies, enabling us to reach the best resolution for you case.


You are Guaranteed to save you money.

Don’t get lost in big firms, most big firms use us!


Bank Levies

You have not dealt with your tax matters or maybe you simply couldn't afford to, they levied your bank account.  We will get this released for you and move into a resolution that best works for you.


Wage Garnishments

You have been unable to resolver your matter and now they have garnished your pay check, this is quite serious for most of us.  We will work through it with you toward release and or modification.


Penalty Abatement

The IRS may assess a variety of penalties on your tax account including late filing and late payment fees. Sometimes the penalties dwarf the actual tax debt. We will painstakingly go through each one to build a case for the abatement for these penalties.



This is not a common issue for most taxpayers in trouble, and if it does arise, it is usually due to not working toward a resolution with the Tax Agency and even then can be resolved and released.


Offer in Compromise

This is a program that allows you to settle tax debt for less then what is truly owed. 


Lien in Subordination

We can often get the Tax Agency to agree while you owe them by working out an agreeable deal and lift the lien for sale of a property.


Tax Preparation

Tax returns to prepared Fed and State- very important have a reputable professional prepare your returns so you don't owe more then you should.


Innocent Spouse Relief

You filed a joint return, and perhaps the circumstances are that you should not be liable for your partners tax liability.  After a consult we can see if you have a case for this type of relief.


Filing Back Tax Returns

Each year that you failed to file a federal tax return you must provide the appropriate tax documents as well as complete the necessary forms or the IRS often does this for you and collects on these assessed amounts.  Best to get these prepared and filed and resolve from there. Often we have seen consumers not owe at all or far less then what has been assessed.


Secure Lien Releases

Your tax liability is satisfied and the lien is released. Under "Fresh Start" rules you may qualify for this.


Audit Representation

Our legal professional stands in on behalf of you during an IRS and or State audit.


C.D.P. Hearing-Appeals

You have 30 days to request a hearing to preserve your right to go to Appeals if we cannot reach a reasonable resolution and freezes collections while we go through the waiting for a hearing.


NON Collectible Status

This is a  status many consumers take advantage of.  It is a one year reprieve from paying on your tax debt.




Tax Liens Removed

Bankruptcy Removed

Credit Score Improved

Keys to your success


Allow us to keeping records of the financial affairs of your business

  • Computer aided bookkeeping to ensure accurate tracking and provide reports and estimates

  • Capable of Basic to Advance bookkeeping, depending on your needs


We will manage your employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, and withheld taxes

  • Our computer aided services allow us to track employee expenses and tax documents with ease

  • We can provide direct deposit, as well as, physical checks to make your employees' work environment as carefree as possible

Tax Consulting

Providing business and personal tax consulting to better your understanding of the tax laws and regulations. 

  • Starting a company? We can provide consultation on the proper tax filings and forms necessary to begin!

  • Problems with filing? We can help you ensure the proper documents and deductions are submitted and accounted for.

Annual Accounting & Tax Packages

We can provide all our services in a complete package to alleviate complexities

  • Capable of accommodating small to large business 

  • Ease of service with one monthly bill